Monday, 9 December 2019

Meeting Professor Rahamath Tarikere

It is always wonderful to finally meet the people whose books one has admired.
Met literary and cultural critic Prof Rahamath Tarikere when he gave a talk on Kuvempu's lecture Vivharakranthige Ahvana
I have enjoyed reading his works particularly the following aspects
1)The way he contextualizes the text with our and its times making us rethink both present and future 
2)Emphasises the incompleteness of all perspectives
3)Never loosing sight of present concerns- reminding if our study is not cognizant of present it may end up being mere scholaticism

His works provides us with material and theoretical basis for envisioning a pluralistic and egalitarian India. His work on Natha,Saktha and Sufi traditions explores the rich cultural tradition while more theoretical works like Kattiyanchina Dari,Samskriti-PrathiSamskrithi and Maradolagina Kicchu provides theoretical tools for developing alternative pluralistic narratives of our tradition.
He politely said he is not known outside karnataka but if it is really the case then it is loss of outside world
I felt "Theory"(Literary criticism and cultural studies) in English departments is mostly focussed within continental tradition and ignores contributions of scholars in vernacular traditions.
In the lecture and subsequent discussion he emphasised the continued relevance of Kuvempu's call for Vicharakranthi('Intellectual/Thought Revolutiion) by placing him in the wider context of kannada/Indian literary and social milieu.I will write on it separately on it later. I thank organizing team and Prof Rahamth Tarikere for making me go back and again read Kuvempu