Monday, 14 October 2013

Imperialist Feminism Very good talk on how feminist arguments are used to justify imperial wars. She starts from war on Afghanistan the so called war on terror and to the time of napoleon’s invasion on Egypt. She particularly through the cultural articrafts like  paintings, movies, documentaries a very narrow view of Muslim world is created where women are showed as passive, women groups in these countries are not recognised and as “half terror – half victim”. I particularly liked that unlike some anti-imperialistists she didn’t fall into cultural relativist arguments but argued for global feminist movement where there is no hierarchy and western feminists are not considered as vanguards but as equals.

We need to expand this notion to include intersectionality of different modes of oppression like patriarchy, casteism, class, race etc and integrate into a a single movement if not there will be a chance that in opposing a particular form oppression one may strengthen other  forms of  oppression.